How to Rewrite PLR Articles with 1 Click

Many people are realizing that these low-cost PLR articles are starting to cause more trouble than they’re worth. They take too long to figure out and too much time to actually use. It can take hours or even days just to get a few sentences rewritten. In this article, we will give you 5 steps that can be done easily using autoresponder templates.

The only downside is they do not have any rights reserved for the copyrights so you have to have the actual time to rewrite and research. These autoresponders are great for non-writers or those who don’t know how to write articles.

Rewrite PLR Articles with 1 Click

So here is how to rewrite PLR articles with 1 click:

1. Convert your PLR Article into an Autoresponder WordPress Template.

First, you need to take all of the PLR articles and convert them into an autoresponder WordPress template. An autoresponder is a special type of website that sends you emails automatically when someone comes to the site. They are very popular with affiliate marketers who want to make more money. The best part about them is that they require NO writing whatsoever!

2. Load the Autoresponder on your Domain

Once you’ve created your autoresponder, you will need to upload it to your domain with the same name. So if your domain is “”, you would use this same domain when creating an autoresponder. As an example, we will use an autoresponder called PLR Magic.

After you’ve uploaded the autoresponder to your domain, you will need to add this same autoresponder folder name to your FTP (File Transfer Protocol). You would also create a new folder on your web hosting account called autoresponders. This is where all of your autoresponders will be stored.

3. Add an Email Opt-in Form to Your Autoresponders Directory.

In your autoresponders directory on your web hosting account, you will need to create an email opt-in form for all of your new subscribers. The reason for this is that your autoresponder will automatically send these new subscribers an email if they subscribe to the newsletter.

So now we have your autoresponder directory on your domain and an email opt-in form in the autoresponders directory. That’s all there is to it. Now all you have to do is plug in one or two of your articles into this autoresponder template and in 1 click you’ll be done!

4. Plug-in Your Articles into Your Autoresponders

Once you’ve loaded all of your autoresponders onto a domain and created your email opt-in form, you will now need to actually plug in your articles. To do this, you’ll need to first find them. Since we used PLR Magic as our example, we’ll use that one too. If it’s not already on the autoresponder directory, you will need to copy the whole PLR Magic folder into that directory.

Inside the PLR Magic folder, you will need to find all of your articles. Most of these articles have an “author” and “date” as well as a .txt file extension. So you will want to find those files and copy them over.

So if we are going through all of our PLR Magic articles, we would first find the author and date in a text file:

Now we know where to go in order to plug the text file into our autoresponder directory.

5. Test it out!

When you’ve loaded all of your files into the autoresponders directory and pasted them in the articles, you will need to test it out. As an example, we will make one chance to test it out. This will be adding a bonus sign-up bonus of 5 dollars to any new autoresponders that are subscribed.


We hope that this helped you see how your old articles can be made so much better with a few clicks of a button. This is one of the fastest ways to get your articles rewritten and updated. By using an autoresponder, you can do it all with 1 click!

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