Pros and Cons of Buying PLR Blog Articles

When you’re starting a blog, one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is what type of content to create. You can write all your own articles, or you can buy pre-written articles. Some pre-written articles are known as PLR blog articles while other pre-written articles are known as exclusive content. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of buying PLR blog articles.

Why Use PLR blog articles?

There are several reasons why you might want to use PLR blog content. Before we dive into the cons of buying PLR blog articles, I want to feature the amazing pros aka benefits of buying PLR blog content:

Save Time

Writing takes time, especially if you want your content to be good. If you’re a busy person and don’t have much free time to write, PLR blog articles are a good way to save time.

Increase Traffic

Content is the lifeblood of your website. A blog without content isn’t going to get very much traffic. By buying PLR blog articles, you can easily add more content to your site without having to spend hours writing new material yourself.

Increase Search Engine Traffic

When you write your own content, it can be difficult to rank that content in the search engines. Search engine optimization is a complicated process with lots of moving parts. However, with PLR blog articles, you don’t have to worry about tweaking your site’s SEO because the content comes pre-optimized.

All you have to do is rewrite PLR blog articles, then add the articles to your site, and they’ll start generating traffic immediately. Thus, PLR blog articles are an effective way for new bloggers to increase their website’s search engine traffic.

Add New Content Quickly

Writing takes time, but if you need lots of content in a hurry, PLR blog articles can definitely help. Since the articles don’t need to be rewritten, you can add them to your site quickly and easily with no extra work on your part.

Boost Your Income

Writing blog content is time-consuming and not particularly lucrative for people who run their own websites. By purchasing PLR blog articles, you’re able to boost your income without sacrificing too much of your free time.

Public Domain Restrictions

Most PLR blog articles come with a disclaimer that states they’re public domain or that you can edit them as much as you want without violating copyright laws. This means you don’t have to worry about plagiarism issues, and you can edit the articles however you want without breaking any rules.  

What Are The Disadvantages to Buying PLR Blog Articles?

There are a few disadvantages that come with buying PLR blog content. While I’ve had great success using PLR blog content for newsletters, and other internal lists as well as cutting them apart to use as social media updates, there are a few disadvantages aka cons to buying PLR articles:

Not Perfectly Written

First, it’s important to remember that the articles you buy might not be perfectly written. Also, although everything is public domain, your readers might still suspect plagiarism due to the uniqueness of your content.

Repetitive Content

Another problem with buying PLR blog articles is that they might be repetitive. For example, if you buy a bunch of PLR articles on plumber services in Los Angeles, each article might cover the same basic information describing plumbers, plumber reviews, plumber prices, etc.

Author Attribution

Some PLR articles sites require attribution. The last thing you want to do is link back to the PLR article site since it will make your site look untrustworthy. This can be a problem if you’re trying to sell additional products because people might not be willing to buy from you due to the lack of trust.

Low Quality

Also, you should remember that not all PLR blog articles are well-written. In fact, some of them will be low quality due to the aforementioned reasons. Since each article is written from scratch and then resold many times over, it’s easy for a PLR blog article to become less than ideal due to the reuse process.

Do I have to rewrite PLR content for blogs?

Yes. My general rule of thumb is that you should rewrite PLR content for blogs. Clients have hired me to do this for them in the past because they need to pass the premium Copyscape scan. While some websites may place PLR blog posts up without edits, this will cause a duplicated content issue with search engines.

Duplicated content will cause your site to take a “hit” from search engines, thus falling lower on the totem pole of search results. This is not a great thing to happen and will take time to reverse if it happens to your blog. My best tip is to hire a freelance writer who knows how to rewrite PLR blog content to pass Copyscape.

If you’re planning to use the PLR content as internal emails then you don’t have to rewrite it. Some examples of using PLR for internal email lists include lead magnets, newsletters, and automated courses.

In conclusion, PLR articles meaning is that these are blog posts written by somebody else and then resold. The PLR content can be good or bad, you just have to test it to see if it’s right for your site. And, don’t forget to rewrite PLR articles for blogs before putting them on your website.

I hope you enjoyed this article and got a better understanding of why PLR blog posts are good to have. The PLR articles can be either high quality or bad quality, so you need to test them out before using them on your site.

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