11 Ways to Make Money Blogging

When you’re ready to move into the next part of blogging and start earning an income, small or big, through your website there are plenty of options out there to choose from. So many that it can become difficult for you to settle on just one or to focus on the right techniques for what one you happen to use. What can you do to turn a hobby like blogging into a job? And how do you make those ideas into actual revenue sources instead of just additions to your strategy? Let’s talk about that! Here are 11 ways to make money blogging so you can have some ideas in mind for income from a blog.

Make Money Blogging

Create On YouTube

If you have the time and ability to spend some extra energy making YouTube videos about your blog or about topics that you can later expand on through your writing, you can make a channel and your site interconnect to draw in traffic from different sources and even eventually make money on YouTube itself through ads, sponsors, YouTube memberships, live streaming, and more.

Niche Writing and SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is when your blog has keywords and topics that are specifically made to cater to better audiences and show up on searches that are commonly used higher up in results. Niche writing is similar, where you focus on an area or topic that is more popular or popular across a wider audience to increase traffic. This can also turn into business as you can teach others the knowledge but mainly plays out in improving traffic for advertising or AdSense.


Those of you out there that have the motivation to write more and in an organized form would benefit from selling ebooks and published works on topics you may have knowledge in or in general. If you have an experience others could learn from, consider writing an ebook! It’ll be able to sell on its own or as attached to your blog and can quickly make a bit of money if the book is good.

Affiliate Programs

Any bloggers that have specific wishes to market products or cover topics that use items you can find from other shops can join affiliate programs through companies like Amazon, Shopify, and more. This means you can link products you use in blog posts or in life with a coupon code or special link that gives you percentages of the revenue earned from those items being purchased. Affiliate links are a great way to make some extra income and can be extremely effective if focused on your niche.


If you have talent at making art or anything digital like printables, or you are good at creating banners and art for social media pages you can use this creativity to be for hire on projects like this or to sell your own digital downloads of them through online stores. Being creative can make you a one-up on the competition and if you make digital downloads, they’re able to be sold more than once for continued income.


Products and their companies benefit heavily from getting more popularity via reviews from blogs and other individuals that help get the word out more. If you like a company that works with bloggers, reach out! You can earn great opportunities for paid reviews on items of your choice from food to beauty items and more, and they can help gain better interest from your audience by being applicable to your normal content. Over time you gain more expensive and frequent opportunities.

Email Lists

Getting people to come back to your blog often will help your traffic stabilize, improve money made from options like Adsense and affiliate programs, and give you an advertisement community for bigger projects or other revenue efforts. Email lists require something to draw people in like a free printable or exclusive content when you put your email in, so be prepared for that ahead of time.

Paid Membership

Through things like Patreon, streaming services like Twitch, or YouTube you can create a membership related to your blog where people pay the site to have access to your customized membership perks and creations. This earns you consistent money each month, which is extremely helpful for those that need more reliable revenues sometimes. You can get super varied with what you offer for incentives to sign up or what rewards members get, look at others’ platforms to get some ideas!


If you like to talk about things like how you can with YouTube or Twitch videos or live streaming, podcasts can be another medium to make some money. Companies can sponsor podcasts, which means they pay you to talk about their company or product as well as via affiliated income. Podcasts can be all about anything you can think of, and are pretty popular since they’re easy to make and listen to.

Physical Sales

One more way to use creativity for selling items for a profit is merchandise or other physical items. If your branding and designs are popular enough you can sell them as things like shirts, cups, and more. You can also sell a large variety of other items that tie into your blog posts through places like eBay, Etsy, Poshmark, Mercari, and so much more that will earn you some extra revenue from selling handmade or old items of yours, and these can be from your current brand or new ideas.

Keep Trying

When something doesn’t work out at first, you can keep trying or give up. And making money isn’t something that is worth giving up on if it’s a goal of yours. When you don’t succeed at first, try new ideas or alter your approach. Be sure to keep double-checking that your ideas are coming together or making progress the way you’re trying to make them, and then you can troubleshoot sooner.

Once you pick one of these ideas that sound best to your own strengths, content ideas, and website; you can then do a bit of research into how you can truly make it happen as well as how to optimize the revenue earned from this. It’s possible over time to have a singular website with many income sources at once that can even create money without any effort from you or a lot less energy at the very least. Some individuals make a living as bloggers which is definitely feasible if that’s your long-term goal. Either way, this list of 11 ways to make money blogging can give you handy ideas.

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