How to Write PLR Articles Fast

More PLR ​​articles mean more excellent opportunities to outperform your competition and more opportunities to make a sale in article marketing. But how do you create more PLR ​​articles? One of the best things you can do is learn how to write your PLR articles very quickly. You can produce more PLR ​​articles without increasing your writing hours.

Write PLR Articles Fast

This is how you can quickly write PLR ​​articles:

#1. First, decide what time of day you are productive.

I’ve been writing my articles in PLR for years and have noticed that I write faster when I write first thing in the morning. This is because my kids are still asleep and because I feel energized after hours of sleep. I write from 5 am to 7 am and can produce up to 10-12 PLR articles per day.

#2. Make a chart.

Make a list of the topics you will discuss and create a list of the information you will share. Creating a structure for PLR articles in advance will help you write faster. An outline can be a list of keywords that will remind you of the information you need to talk about.

#3. Have comfort

Don’t even think about writing your PLR articles for a few hours in a row, as this won’t help you be more productive. What I recommend is that you write for 30 minutes – 1 hour. Then get up, do a little stretching, or take a copy glass. Just like machines, your brain also needs rest to rejuvenate.

#4. Restrict the scope of your content.

Before writing your PLR articles, decide how much information you will share and the exact angle you will target. You want to keep your PLR articles focused on speeding up the writing process and impress readers who might be looking for concise, meaty PLR articles.

#5. Article writing tools.

The good thing about the internet is that it can help you do everything quickly. Today, many tools are designed specifically for writers who want to be more productive. Some of them are speech recognition software, grammar checker, etc. Please take advantage of it to maximize your writing time.

#6. Clear your mind.

Although it may seem a bit difficult, it is highly recommended that you forget about your problems and fears by touching the keyboard, as it can slow you down significantly.

#7. Avoid distractions

Most writers write online from home, which can be full of distractions. From the television to the children playing and the phone ringing. Distractions can be infinite. Therefore, I recommend that you write somewhere you can be on your own. Lock your room or go to a coffee shop where no one will bother you. Sometimes it’s hard to regain momentum once the train of thought is interrupted.

#8. Edit later.

Avoid reviewing and editing your PLR articles while gathering your thoughts and ideas. Like what I mentioned above, this can disrupt your train of thought. Focus on finishing your PLR articles for the day. Then review and edit it the following day where you can watch it ‘with new eyes and mind.’

#9. Think about your readers.

To avoid getting confused and avoid rewriting your PLR articles, focus on your target audience and their needs with a touch of the keyboard. You can never go wrong if you focus on giving them exactly what they want and ensuring they have a great reading and learning experience.


The most crucial step is choosing a topic you know well, so you do not need to spend more than 5-7 minutes on research. What I do is I usually write a how or type of tip list for PLR articles. Using these, I can give people some advice on doing certain things themselves based on my own experience. This doesn’t need research because I’m just sharing what I already know to be effective and proven.

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