How to Setup MailPoet in WordPress Dashboard

I recently helped a friend get their MailPoet newsletter plan installed and activated on their WordPress site. This was such a simple process for us, as I’d done it quite a few times before, but for a newbie with MailPoet? It’s not so straightforward. That’s why today I’m sharing this simple tutorial on how to set up MailPoet in WordPress dashboard.

This tutorial will help you start sending newsletters, welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, post notifications, and other re-engagement emails using MailPoet in WordPress.

Log to your WordPress Dashboard. Once you’ve installed the MailPoet plugin, and activated it using their API key, you’ll be able to start sending emails. This tutorial is showing you how to set them all up, we’re not getting into the few steps that are involved with activating their MailPoet with Woocommerce plugin.

Access the Plugin

You’ll log into your WordPress dashboard and look to the left where all of your menu options are. In this area, you’ll notice one option that says MailPoet. Click that.

Once you click it, you’ll see the newsletter tab open, I have my re-engagement tab open in the above photo. This is now where you’ll want to import the subscribers if you don’t have any. Click Subscribers and you’ll follow instructions to insert the subscribers manually or imported from a properly setup spreadsheet file.

In the example above, you’ll see the subscribers area shows +add new where you can manually insert your subscriber details one by one, import button allows you to import a list from another newsletter subscriber or using a spreadsheet, then the export button is if you want to move subscribers away from the MailPoet plugin.

Once your subscribers are all set up, and in there. It’s time to click on the Forms option under the MailPoet menu option.

You will see a + New Form option on the screen above. Click that and start building your form. I use a simple version because having a photo on it was just “too much”. The newsletter form can be simple, or elaborate. This is your newsletter sign up.

Setting MailPoet Form Pop Up and/or Having Form Auto Inserted in Pages/Posts, etc

You’ll see a menu option much like the one below when you’re in the forms section. The area that says “form placement” is how you can assign a pop-up and other options. You’ll want to have these settings clicked, whatever option you choose, or else the form isn’t going to show anywhere without you manually putting it into something somehow. I’m all about automation … so I use the Pop-Up option.

Now that you check the form placement option you want, you’ll need to click that little gear on the selection to open the options, as seen below – the options I have for Pop-up settings on one of my sites.

As you can see above, I have “display on all posts/products” activated – now this means the form will automatically appear in all product listings, and posts. I have a display with a delay of 5 sec for the pop-up animation option, and I opted to do a display on exit-intent – so the subscription form will show when someone goes to leave my website.

Based on research the “exit-intent display” can increase the chance of a sale by 15% so I’m testing it out this year with one of my sites.

From here, you just click save and leave this section to go to the next step …

MailPoet Email Settings

Now that we’re done with the form setup, it’s time to look at all of your email settings options. There are so many options here to use. You can click on Create under the newsletters tab to see a variety of options there.

I set up a bunch of options within this section. I used the welcome email, the abandoned cart template, the “haven’t opened newsletter” option in a while to check in with those who haven’t opened a newsletter in ‘x’ amount of time. I have a discount for those who fit special criteria. The options are endless, and guess what? They’re all located under the MailPoet emails section when you click create under the newsletters option.

In Conclusion

This tutorial will show you where to find each option, and within each option, you’ll quickly see that there are templates you can edit to your liking. From editing the logo image at the top to swapping out the text for your own text, and other buttons like putting in the latest blog posts or products … it’s all a fabulous way to gain traction and get more sales with those who want to hear from you.

Within the newsletter section, you can manually send out a newsletter or set up the newsletter templates on automation. This is where you can go in and send news when you have new listings or blog posts to reach your audience’s inbox in real time!

Below you’ll see an example of my latest newsletter from my other website shop, this is my simple touching base newsletter using MailPoet templates;

Hire me to Handle Installation

If you need help with installing & activating the MailPoet plugin, you can hire me to do it for just $30. This $30 will get you a one-time setup from Brandy Ellen (me) who can install the MailPoet plugin, go to the MailPoet website to start the process for activation for the API key, and input the key into your MailPoet plugin. This will include setting all of the various settings that need to be active for you to use the below details to start sending emails automatically or manually to your list. For an extra fee, I can input or transfer your current email list into MailPoet.

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