How to Rewrite PLR Articles With Ease

Here at PLR Blog Today, we sell a lot of exclusive content, social media marketing images with quotes, and PLR articles. These articles that we know as PLR blog posts or shortcut content are prewritten and sold more than once.

This means they are not unique content and rather than getting hit with duplicated content from the good ole search engines out there. Today, I wanted to share some tips to help you rewrite the PLR articles quickly and efficiently so you can publish them on your blog.

Create a New Document for Each Article

To make rewriting the PLR article easier I suggest creating a document for each article. Make notes of your changes in the document. As you reread it or edit, take the time to scan through your changes and make sure you have included them all.

Get Friendly with a Thesaurus

If you are having problems changing certain words while keeping the article original, try using synonyms. This will help keep your words more original without meaning that you have done too much work to rewrite them.

Read the PLR Articles More Than Once

To help you rewrite the article faster, try re-reading it a few times. This will allow you to get an idea of what words are used and how they are used. You can then edit using your notes to keep the article original but make changes for flow or clarity. Yes, this is going to take some time to finish but it will be worth it in the end.

Consider Adding this PLR Content to a Shorter Blog Post

If you have a killer article that is not really long enough to post on your blog, an easy way to fix this is by adding more content. This can be done with another PLR article. If you really want your article to be unique, though, it is important that you rewrite it and make sure to add your own personality to it so that you don’t sound like a PLR article.

Use Your Resources

If you find yourself rewriting the same exact PLR article over and over again, you need to go one step further. Take a look at it and see what you can add from another similar PLR article that would make it more unique to your audience. It is important that you still use the same keywords and keep the flow of the article so it doesn’t seem like a hard read, but you will want to make it different enough to get the search engines to notice that you are not using duplicate content.

Always Be Unique

If you have multiple PLR articles and you want them to be totally unique, another way is to change some of the words but keep the main idea of the article. This will make your PLR article a little longer and give you a little more content for your blog.

Be Patient With The Process

Rewriting the PLR article will take you time but it is important to remember that the overall result will be worth all of the editing. Your audience will enjoy reading something fresh and new and you won’t have to worry about being penalized by Google for using duplicate content.

Don’t Forget About your Keywords

When you rewrite an article make sure it has a keyword focus. The keywords here are going to allow the search engines to understand that this is not duplicate content. You want to try and stay away from using too many different words so that you do not confuse the search engine, but at the same time, you will want to use enough to keep most of the article editable.

Proofread Rewritten PLR Blog Posts

When rewriting your content you want to change enough of the words and make it original but you don’t want to overdo it. Using synonyms will help with this because if you change every word, your article may not have a good flow or be hard to understand.

Stay True to Your Voice

Make sure that you give your readers a little of the old with some new. You want to rewrite the PLR article but if it sounds too different from what they have read before, you will lose them and they may never come back for more. They are expecting a certain style of writing and tone when reading PLR content.

Rewriting the PLR article may seem difficult. Make sure you give yourself enough time and a few breaks in order to keep from getting burnt out. I have found that rereading my work a few times really helps to keep the flow going and it also allows me to stay focused on what I am writing.

Of course, you can always use the PLR articles sold in the PLR Blog Today shop in email and newsletters or other private membership forums as-is, but I know some of you enjoy having quick content to put up on your blog in between all the sponsored campaigns.

That’s why I shared the above tips to help you learn an easy way to rewrite PLR blog posts. I hope that these tips help inspire you to start using PLR content aka shortcut content more often to save you time & money!

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