How to Promote Your Blog Posts

Did you just write a new blog post? Now, what do you do with it?

Promoting your new blog posts after they are written is an important step in sharing your content with the world. This will help people find out about your blog, so when you have something even better to share later on it won’t be hard for them to find your blog. Promoting your content is a great way to get people onto your email list, too, so that later on you can send them “special offers” or discounts.

Now you have to ask yourself, how do I promote my blog posts?

You can use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to promote your new blog posts. Here is a guide of specific places to post your new blog posts on social media.


When you have a new blog post, Facebook is usually the best place to promote it. Depending on how popular your Facebook page is will decide what type of results you get from this. Your first option here is going to be posting a link to your blog post on your Facebook page. You can do this in the status box, or in a new post.

If you haven’t already created a custom landing tab for your blog, make sure you do that now! A unique tab with your latest blog posts is something that will set you apart from most other pages and will help you keep people on your website.


Twitter is another great place to promote your new blog posts. Keep in mind that you will want to use hashtags (#) and @ mentions when promoting there. These will help more people see what you’re saying, and will help you connect with a certain type of people who might not have otherwise found your blog.

When you post a link to your new blog post on Twitter, make sure it’s in the text-only box. If you use photos, gifs, or videos here, they will take up extra characters that could be used to write more in the text of your tweet. If you just want to say hi and post a link to your new blog post, then using photos or gifs is okay. Just remember that they take up more characters than simple text does!


If you have a lot of pretty pictures on your blog, Pinterest may be another good place for you to promote your new blog posts. Just like when you post on Twitter when you pin a link to your blog post make sure it’s in the text-only box. Be careful with using photos or too many different types of images here because they take up more space than simple text does.

When promoting your blog post on Pinterest, remember that you are creating more awareness for your website. Be sure to link back to your main blog post so people can learn more. People will only pin the first picture they see, so make it be a good one!


LinkedIn is another great place for professional bloggers to promote their blog posts. This is a great place for business owners, especially if it’s mostly business related topics that you are writing about on your blog. Posting links back to your latest blog posts on LinkedIn can help keep employees up to date with what’s going on in the company.

When you post a link back to your blog post on LinkedIn, make sure you use a status update box. This way your blog post can be seen by everyone instead of just your connections. Make sure to keep the language professional in this kind of setting because people are using LinkedIn for business purposes.

How do I make my blog post popular?

Below you’ll find a more extensive list of ways to use each of the above promotional tools to promote your blog post and make your blog post popular.

Generate Buzz for Your Blog Post Using Twitter

If you are not using Twitter to promote your blog post, you are seriously missing out on a great opportunity.

Follow these steps to generate buzz for your blog posts using Twitter:

1) Tweet it Publicly

The first thing you need to do is tweet about your new blog post so all of your followers will see that you have just published something new.

2) Tweet it Privately

It is also a good idea to tweet your new blog post to influential Twitter users that may be interested in what you have written. You can use an app like Tweepi to find people who are interested in the same things as you so they will be more likely to read and share your posts with others.

3) Hashtag It

Remember to include hashtags when tweeting your blog post so people who aren’t following you yet can find you and see what you’re posting about. You can use a site like tagboard to see the most popular hashtags in any industry, or just look for popular ones in yours!

4) Get Re-Tweeted

After tweeting your blog post, wait for someone with a big following to re-tweet it so more people will see it. You can also ask someone influential to tweet about your new post. If you approach them nicely and offer to return the favor sometime, they’ll probably be willing to!

5) Reply to Threads

Make sure to reply to people’s comments and keep the conversation going on your latest blog post so you can build stronger relationships with others online. If others think you are active and helpful, they will be more likely to trust what you have written!

6) Retweet Your Own Tweets

Don’t forget about your old tweets! People will be more likely to retweet older posts than they will your latest one. Make sure you re-tweet your own tweets so people can see what you recently posted and hopefully read it, too!

Generate Buzz for Your Blog Post Using Facebook

The first step to using Facebook to promote your blog post is creating a custom ‘New Posts’ page, as noted previously in this article. This will give you a place where all of your latest updates and blog posts can appear on their own tab, and readers can go to it whenever they want!

Below are the tips you need to generate buzz for your blog post using Facebook:

1) Create a Custom Tab

The next step is to create a custom tab for your blog post. This will be the most effective way to promote your latest blog posts on Facebook because all of your readers can go directly to it from the ‘New Posts’ page you created! You’ll want to make sure you include a call-to-action in this tab, too, so people are encouraged to read your blog post.

2) Cover Photo

Add a cover photo that is related to your blog post, but not too distracting – otherwise, people won’t want to click on it! This will be the first thing most of your readers see when they come to your page, so make sure you choose something eye-catching and relevant.

3) Profile Picture

You should consider changing your profile picture to something related to your blog post, too. This will make sure that any new visitors see your latest blog post right away! You can also add a description under this image that links back to the ‘New Posts’ page so everyone knows where to go when they are ready to check out your latest updates.

4) Tag Co-Authors

Tag any co-authors, editors, or contributors in your blog post if they helped you write it. This will let them know that you have shared their content on Facebook so they can share it with others as well! It will also encourage them to stay connected and continue helping you out in the future.

5) Use Keywords

While it’s also a good idea to use hashtags and emoticons when promoting your blog posts on Facebook, make sure you include some keywords as well. This will help people find your updates if they search for certain keywords or phrases related to your content! You can always use the ‘New Posts’ page to see what common keywords people are looking for.

6) Engage With Readers

Respond to any comments, questions, or feedback that your readers post on your Facebook page about your latest blog posts! This will show them that you care about what they have to say and want to engage with them. It will also encourage them to post more comments and keep the conversation going!

7) Use Apps & Plug-Ins

There are a handful of apps and plug-ins you can use to promote your blog posts on Facebook. You can add a floating window or bar to your page so readers have somewhere to click whenever they’re interested in checking out one of your blog posts. You can also use apps like Like2do or AddThis to make it easy for anyone who visits your page to share what you have written with others!

8) Use IFTTT

IFTTT, which stands for ‘If This Then That,’ is a free web-based service that lets you set up certain rules for how you want your social media accounts to interact. For example, you can create a recipe that will automatically share your latest blog post on Facebook as soon as it is published!

9) Use Hootsuite or TweetDeck

Hootsuite and TweetDeck are both free web-based services that allow you to manage all of your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media accounts from one place. You can use these apps to schedule any blog updates you have coming up so they are available for sharing at a later date.

This is an easy way to promote your blog posts on Facebook while also taking some of the stress out of trying to keep track of all of your social media accounts.

10) Use Facebook Ads

If you’re willing to pay for them, Facebook ads can be used to promote your latest blog posts on Facebook and encourage even more people to read what you have written! You can target specific demographics as well as geographic locations so there’s a good chance the new visitors who click on your ads will be interested in what you have to say.

In conclusion, the above tips to promote your blog posts will surely help you get started in the right direction with promoting your blog posts for free. Some of the tools I mentioned may require a paid plan to utilize the service as deeply as you’d like to to make your blog posts popular, but otherwise, you can do most of the tips I featured here today for free to gain popularity in your niche using your blog posts.

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